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Wm. H. Brewer reports from Camp No. 6, mouth of the San Gabriel Canyon

January 3, 1861: [Yesterday, January 2] The day was lovely--thermometer 67 ° F.--spring weather.

Sunday, January 6: It rained most of the day yesterday, all last night, and thus far today without any prospect of a cessation.

Monday, January 7: It has now rained about seventy hours without cessation--for forty hours of that time, over twenty consecutive, it has rained like the hardest thundershower at home. No signs of clearing up yet--fire out by the rains, provisions getting rather scarce--one meal per day now ... I never saw such rains before, and it has not rained so much before a winter since 1848, so the people say.

Tuesday, January 8: Rain has stopped--the San Gabriel River is impassable, so we can neither get to town for supplies, nor visit up the canyon, nor move camp toward Temescal.

Wednesday evening, January 9: We have had a lovely day ... The rain here had been snow on the peaks behind; they lay in their silent grandeur, so white and massive ...

from Up and Down California in 1860-1864, The Journal of William H. Brewer edited by Francis P. Farquhar.

The above account is exceptional winter weather. The summer is very warm. Yesterday (July 14, 2004) was 104 degress F. which is not unusual.

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