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Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is located in eastern Los Angeles County at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in the city of Irwindale at 15501 E. Arrow Highway.

The 836-acre recreation area is part of the County of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation while the Nature Center is now being maintained by San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy.

Santa Fe Dam Nature Center

The Santa Fe Dam Nature Center was reopened on April 3, 2004, with a Grand Celebration and Dedication.

This beautiful little building is constructed of local river stone. Inside are displays about plants, animals and native Americans. Outside are a native plant garden and display boards featuring pictures and information about what you can see here. Across the bike path is an accessible interpretive trail.

Volunteers who are happy to answer your questions are at the Nature Center from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm most weekdays. Telephone is (626) 812-0935

What You Will Find on These Pages

  • Birds - Notable birds in the area, a list of sightings and a bird list in progress.

  • Butterflies - A bit about the logo of the Western Tiger Swallowtail and a list of what butterflies have been seen so far.

  • Other Animals - Some of the animals you can see and how to recognize their signs.

  • Plants - A description of the exceptional plant community here, stories about the remarkable plants, and a list.

  • Hydrology - The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has put up an excellent web site about the river and the dams on it. Also there are links to data about the dam itself.

  • Geology rock, rock, and more rock

  • Weather observation links are included here.

  • Pictures - Links to photo albums people have made of scenes along the river.

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