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Lily Spring Area Survey:
Publications of Wayne Sawyer

As explained on our overview page, the Lily Spring Area Survey (LSAS) repeated a phenology study carried out 30 years earlier by Wayne Sawyer in the high country of the San Gabriel Mountains. Sawyer's phenology study is documented by his 1987 paper published in Crossosoma. All of the information in the Crossosoma paper, together with additional information, is included in his M.S. thesis published in 1985. (The subject of the thesis is pollination. The phenology study was part of the thesis work.)

The following downloadable files cover Sawyer's Crossosoma paper and his thesis.

Sawyer's Crossosoma paper

Wayne E. Sawyer, “A list of high elevation angiosperms and their phenology in the San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California", Crossosoma, February 1987, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp 5-10

Click here to download Sawyer's Crossosoma paper

Sawyer's M.S. Thesis

Wayne E. Sawyer, “Competition for pollination and floral diversity”, Thesis (M.S.) - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Department of Biological Sciences, 1985

The thesis consists of introductory material plus 130 pages, arbitrarily divided here into the following 14 downloadable parts. Click to download individual files.

Preliminary, pages i-vii (abstract, table of contents, etc.) (405 KB)
Part 1: Pages 1-10 (668 KB)
Part 2: Pages 11-20 (891 KB)
Part 3: Pages 21-30 (773 KB)
Part 4: Pages 31-40 (700 KB)
Part 5: Pages 41-50 (738 KB)
Part 6: Pages 51-60 (720 KB)
Part 7: Pages 61-70 (619 KB)
Part 8: Pages 71-80 (697 KB)
Part 9: Pages 81-90 (676 KB)
Part 10: Pages 91-100 (706 KB)
Part 11: Pages 101-110 (698 KB)
Part 12: Pages 111-120 (662 KB)
Part 13: Pages 121-130 (634 KB)

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