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Monrovia Canyon Park

This wilderness park is in the City of Monrovia adjacent to the Angeles National Forest. A few sources of information about it include:
- City of Monrovia web site
- An “unofficial” Monrovia Canyon Park web site
- Tom Chester's web site, with text by Jane Strong and Tom Chester
- Dan Simpson's hiking pages

Flora list: Click here for Bob Muns's Flora of Monrovia Canyon Wilderness Park (PDF, 723 KB). (This document is optimized for half-letter sized paper, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, the same as the original.)

There are two panels of photos below:
A.: Waterfall Trail, 2007-2008
B. Sawpit Creek and nearby places, 20090

Click on the thumbnails to see higher-resolution images, 720 x 480 pixels.

A. Waterfall Trail

Monrovia Canyon Falls

Forest in Monrovia Canyon

Big leaf maple (Acer macrophyllum)

California polypody (Polypodium californicum)

Hillside gooseberry (Ribes californicum)

A salamander in Monrovia Canyon Creek

Chaparral currant (Ribes malvaceum)

Coffee fern
(Pellaea andromedifolia)

Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia)

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B. Sawpit Creek and nearby places

Humboldt lily (Lilium humboldtii ssp. ocellatum)

White sage (Salvia apiana)

Bay trees (Umbellularia californica)

Giant chain fern (Woodwardia fimbriata)

Sawpit Canyon

Plummer's mariposa lily (Calochortus plummerae)

Scarlet larkspur (Delphinium cardinale)

Heartleaf penstemon (Keckiella cordifolia)

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Images in Panel A copyright © 2007-2019 Andrea Edwards
Images in Panel B copyright © 2009-2019 Graham Bothwell

Thanks to Jane Strong for assistance in identification of plants and flowers.